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April 20, 2014
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Since its appearance the Bitcoin became a very popular topic of discussion and its impact of the online gaming market increased daily, until became huge. Introduced in the early decade of 2009, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that has value because people think it is worth something. Bitcoin is a digital currency (crypto currency) generated and managed in p2p network (not something to with bit torrent ); transactions are validated by an army of computers, and the computers that make these calculations are rewarded .

Bitcoin is not issued by a bank or supported by anything and the most important thing to know is that can acquire them and sell them in the same way: meaning easily. The impact of this currency in the online gambling industry is very important because U.S. players have a wide range of deposit methods to choose from currently. Poker players, sports bettors and casino players have the opportunity not only to use Bitcoin as a deposit option, but can make an investment at the same time. If you are looking to buy some bitcoins, check out the Article on Bitcoin Exchange. In 2012, 100 Bitcoin was valued at approximately $ 650 and today would be worth $ 12,140. But earlier this year, the value of this currency rose to 266$ for 1 Bitcoin.

Bitcoin currency is historically interesting. On his appearance in 2009 was almost unknown. In 2011, was worth $ 2 / Bitcoin. Early last year it was worth ten times more.

Online casino fans who would consider using this digital coin to make a deposit at an online poker room or casino will have two ways: to win or lose. Despite their value dropped earlier this year, according to a specializing website in the use Bitcoin gambling, there are currently four poker sites accepting Bitcoin deposits. Poker is one of the most popular games ever created and attracts millions of customers around the world, and for that reason, online poker sites have introduced this method of submission. Most of these poker sites that accept Bitcoin deposits accepts American players and also offers casino gambling and sports betting.

Players need to know that they can use Bitcoin poker sites, in small denominations and the online casino will turn them into another currency and will convert them back if the player is ready to withdraw his earnings. Despite using Bitcoin sites gambling online is easy, inexpensive, safe and reliable, there are two problems using Bitcoin to play online. The first is that Bitcoin can increase or lose their value, and the second refers to a lack of gaming options. Major sites of the United States do not accept Bitcoin poker now, and nobody knows when this will change.

After Singapore has decided that Bitcoin is good and can be used even if is not yet accept as money, a player who comes to Las Vegas can use them because here, digital currency payments are accepted. United States will hold an auction for Bitcoin while Canada decided that Bitcoin is not money. Meanwhile American Las Vegas hotels started to accept Bitcoin payments. These two famous American Golden Gate and The D supports digital currency for accommodation, restaurants, gifts and some other services, but those interested in gambling should know that there have not yet accepted as payment in their casino games. The central Nevada Gaming Control Board said in a press release that they will take a decision regarding this new payment method, but they have to consult with the casinos bosses if they will or not decide to accept this currency. That’s because the gaming industry is carefully monitored and the Commission does not want to consider any other method of payment until all its rules are not followed. Regarding the hotel services, the accepting of Bitcoin payment is up to their representatives to accept it or not, because this is not in their prerogatives. Guests will be able to use this virtual currency on their period while they are staying at the hotel for paying in restaurants and in souvenir shops. This new payment method become interesting as at the end of last year exceeded gram gold price. However, Canada has decided that it is not a currency and will not accept it as such. On the other hand, Singapore has chosen to treat Bitcoin as a product such as a phone or other gadget, and to charge accordingly. As for China, in early January the largest online store decided to stop Bitcoin payments on the grounds that it is regulated operation.

Unfortunately, this will mean that Chinese casinos players, who are famous for they their appetite to bet on anything and no matter how much will be a hard strike to stop betting and gambling with this coin.

Increasingly it seems that are more online payments services and online shops who will accept this currency as a payment method.  Press released reports during the last year revealing that Bitcoin will be a serious competitor to other online payment methods. Check out this link for a list of places where you can buy bitcoins.

The virtual currency Bitcoin constantly captured media attention. Given his huge price oscillations and investments placed by the major players in the financial market, Bitcoin is obviously ready to take its place in prime time.

For the online casinos games Bitcoin is the perfect combination.

Why is Bitcoin Currency perfect online casinos and online gambling players? Because Bitcoin is a centralized currency and governments can not control as do the dollar and euro.

While governments can rely on Visa and major banks to limit the flow rate, Bitcoin combines everything the best – and sometimes everything worse – the Internet.

Offering Bitcoin online casinos can accept only one currency for payments worldwide. Players from China, Europe and the United States can make deposits and withdrawals in the same currency.

Another benefit offered by Bitcoin players online privacy assured: many players do not want that passion for the game to appear in their banks and Bitcoin easily solves this problem.

In addition, those who play at different casinos around the world can use a single currency to satisfy all needs. There is no question of loss of money due to devaluation and currency fluctuations: Bitcoin virtual currency offers one throughout the world.

If Bitcoin is good for these successful investors, perhaps it is perfect for online casinos.

Gambling with Bitcoin payment system may include casinos, poker, sports betting, lottery bingo and craps. Since Bitcoin has become a popular form of payment, it becomes also an excellent solution for sites online gambling, thanks to his anonymity.

There is a wide range of income you can get by betting on future events Bitcoin currency, the real world, and multiple opportunities in online gambling payment in Bitcoin system. There are many advantages of online gambling payment in Bitcoin system against online gambling usual. With Bitcoin, every online casinos player can experience the fast deposit and withdrawal, anonymous, and secure transactions. There is a vast network of websites Bitcoin gambling that can be found in the online environment. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose the best of them.

Keep in mind that each gambling site offers a different RTP percentage, so it is essential to look at each of these sites.

These inherent characteristics of digital currency payment system make it great. It’s actually a form of code stored in users’ computers, making it undetectable. Also allows people the opportunity to make transactions anonymously, and lets them to enjoy almost instantaneous of these processing of transactions.

For those who love Bitcoin currency and his offered opportunities, the entire process of creating a Bitcoin account and then playing on their favorite online casinos, is easy to follow.

Fortunately, lately, virtual coin Bitcoin was growing and the demand for payments in which is made that currency makes it 100 % anonymous, and, therefore, perfect for fiery online casinos players.

It is easy to get Bitcoin because there are many possibilities to do it. First of all someone can gain it after a selling because many people understood his increased power value and the fact that is an easy to manipulate money. Secondly someone can buy it as any other currency with dollars or euro, or any other international money. Or third option, can work for Bitcoin and won it. And the best option is to put computers to win it and work mining Bitcoin.